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Strawbale house panels

ÖKOMAJA sells prefab house panels made from strawbale, clay plaster and wood.Panels are fit for constructing a passive house with extremely low cost. Our panels keep the house warm and room climate near perfection. The panels have been tested with for fire resistance EI90 and load bearing, you will find videos of the testing at our video page.

Our strawbale panels are manufactured in a factory where precision and efficiency are the two most important words. We are focused on energy efficiency, high quality products, superior noise insulation within the panels and keeping low CO2 footprint. The products we produce are ment to save our clients money on heating, cooling and saving on construction time and resources. We keep the carbon footprint negative when constructing a ÖKOMAJA, lets save the planet house by house.

ECS-3 technology ables our customers to adapt the product with your project, we have designed a catalogue for this – Catalogue

The strawbale panels are covered with three layers of plaster, clayplaster for interior finishing and lime plaster for exterior. The layers will give total of 30mm in thickness. Also there is possibility to use wooden cladding for exterior according to the house project.


Thermal restistance and thermal conductity R = 8,2 (m2*K)/W U = 0,121 W/(m2*K)

Noise insulation 56 dB

Fire resistance classB-s1, d0

Density of the straw inside the panel 140 kg/m3

Humidity of straw mass in a panel 10-16%

Water diffusion (clay plaster) µ 5/10

Constructing a building that is energy efficient and built from ecological products is a standard of the future. Choose products that do not pollute the environment but still give you a high quality house.

ÖKOMAJA develops strawbale prefab panels and constructs houses that sustain our living environment.

ÖKOMAJA develops and constructs houses that would be fit for passive house standard with engineers that have engineered multiple projects in Europe. Our panels are manufactured from agricultural by-product straw, clay and wood. We have vast experience in project leading and construction


Magnus Sirelmets

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Magnus has developed energyefficient houses for a number of years for now. After countless work hours and investments that has been invested to design a energyefficient environment for people who value good indoor climate and environmentally friendly materials.

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